Listen: Frank Famous Releases Romantic New EP ‘More This Than That’


Grown folks R&B will never die. Singer/songwriter/producer Frank Famous proves this with his latest release, More This Than That. The EP is a stimulating piece of sensual devotion and exploration. On the piano led opening track, “The Definition,” Famous is clear about who his queen is and what she means to him. He humbly shouts her out as he sings, “Them other girls was just skin-deep / Them other girls left me empty but you see in me what they couldn’t see / Way before the F.A.M.E. when you look at me you see a K.I.N.G.”

Appreciation for euphoric elevation drops mid-tempo on “The Journey,” as Famous summons our inner freak. His fluid style evokes romance with a hint of ratchet as he boldly enters the “Black hole, baby, swallow me whole / We can both go to a place we never been before.”

Airy synths on “Hit Song” make it the perfect theme song for power couples whose love is on 10. The trio of tracks ends way too soon, making you wish there was more of this. Famous remains focused on honing and shaping his sound. He recently shared with ThisisRnB his vision for More This Than That. “I felt it was needed because I want to add to this shift of really good R&B vibes that are coming back into the forefront,” he said.

“’More This Than That’ celebrates love and the making of it. It is all about personal preferences and taste. What we like, what we don't like, and what we want more of,” he continued. “It applies to everything … sex, love, everything.”

More This Than That is available on all digital music stores and streaming platforms. Hear it now below via Spotify.

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