La’Britney & Kash Doll Dismiss the Haters In “Actin Funny” Video


Indie R&B vixen La’Britney and buzzing MC Kash Doll keep it 100 in the flashy and sexy video for their new single “Actin’ Funny.” The Detroit natives boss up in the Fly Visuals production, which finds them dropping confident verses about staying leveled up from the haters.

Posed up together around an evening dining room set, the ladies rock colorful furs and flex for the revolving cameras. Success can breed just as much love as it does hate, which they address through rap-sung flows.

“Now that I got this money / N***as actin funny on me / Bitches actin funny on me / What’s the deal,” sings La’Britney.

Later the duo switch to black and grey furs while throwing money in a convertible Maserati and Bentley coupe.

“As you’re growing, people around you can’t accept that you may be going places and doing things that they aren’t,” explains La’Britney. “Instead of being happy for you and supporting you, they hate on you, they get to actin’ funny. At the end of the day we can’t focus on the hate, all we can focus on is being great.”

Outside of entertainment, La’Britney strives to use her platform for a greater good. As an open voice and activist for teenage and single mothers, she created the movement ‘When Beauty Meets Brain.’ Purposed to empower young women like herself, La’Britney aims to encourage those who face challenges and adversities to keep going no matter what.

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