Listen: Leon Bridges Returns with 2 New Singles “Bet Ain’t Worth the Hand” & “Bad Bad News”


Been waiting on this! Soulful singer Leon Bridges makes his anticipated return today with a double dose of goodness. The crooner has released two brand new singles, “Bet Ain’t Worth the Hand” and “Bad Bad News,” both off his forthcoming sophomore album.

The tracks are funkier and in a more modern direction compared to his vintage-leaning debut album, Coming Home. On “Bet…” Bridges teeters on a line between abandoning a relationship that he might regret giving up.

“I might regret that I can’t be your man / Sometimes the bet isn’t worth the hand,” he sings. “And I can’t keep lettin’ this wave carry me away / So tell me right now / ‘Cause I keep keep seein’ the signs you want me to stay.”

The jazz lounge ready “Bad Bad News” is more joyful than the title would assume as Leon brushes off the haters. “I don’t worry, don’t worry, don’t worry about people in my face,” he sings. “I hit ‘em with the style and grace, and watch their ankles break / I know you wish, I know you wish I would fade away / But I got more to say, Lord they pray.”

Bridges new album Good Thing is expected to be released May 4 via Columbia Records. Press play on his two groovy new singles below!

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