New Video: Alina Baraz – Coming To My Senses


After debuting it exclusively with Apple Music, buzzing songstress Alina Baraz finally shares her new video for “Coming To My Senses” for all our viewing pleasure via YouTube.

Filmed with heavy red hues, the singer/songwriter seduces the cameras while stroking her voluptuous figure. The sensual slow jam is the latest release off her acclaimed new project The Color of You, which she released last month.

Between up close bedroom scenes and overlooking the Los Angeles skyline, Alina coos to her lover. “Now I want to hold you, bring your body close to me,” she sings. “I just want to taste it / Touching on a feeling, have it for the weekend.” Color and using it to define her moods plays a theme in the song as well as her new project.

Previously speaking about how colors influenced her and the title, she told Complex: “I have always been infatuated by colors. I better understand myself in color. For example If I can’t understand my mood I’ll switch through a color light until it matches up with my thoughts.” Adding, “In this case, something came into my life and I couldn’t define what it was and what I felt. It felt like a color that didn’t exist. So it’s me trying to interpret​ and understand a color I’m seeing for the first time.”

Check out Alina Baraz’s video for “Coming To My Senses” above.

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