New Video: Josh X feat. Rick Ross – All On Me


Multi-talented singer/musician Josh X returns with a lavish music video for his soulful new single “All On Me” feat. Rick Ross.

The Picture Perfect-directed video highlights the luxurious Miami lifestyle as Josh promises his love interest everything in the world and more.

“My song ‘All On Me’ featuring Rick Ross means a lot to me,” X tells Complex. “I’m getting a chance to showcase musicianship, which is no longer happening in today’s business. My whole career as an artist was built on the education and history of music. I did four years in college. I been a student before I was artist. When’s the last time you heard a record on the radio with live drums, horns, violins, and pianos?”

During sessions for the song, the Juilliard-trained artist knew he had to secure a Ross guest spot. “There was only one person I was hearing on it, and I’ll never forget the day Shaft, the CEO of KSR [X’s label in partnership with Epic Records] called me and was like, ‘Check your text, I sent you something,'” X recalls, “and history was made from there!”

Check out the video below.

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