Reo Wilson Releases Video for New Single “Wake Up”


Up-and-coming crooner Reo Wilson releases a lavish music video for his new single “Wake Up.”

The colorful visual opens with him singing in front of his home in the Hollywood Hills with a Mercedes and BMW in the driveway. Soon after, two curvy women wait to have a good time with him. Unfortunately, as he heads back home expecting to enter unnoticed his player ways are confronted. Reo’s soulful vocals make for a touching record for couples going through issues and wanting to move past obstacles in their relationship.

Later this year, Reo Wilson is scheduled to release his debut album Lost Love. The LP is set to be a reflection of the artist looking back on his past relationships. The Detroit native shapes his “Lost Love” around learning to lose and love again.

“The album tells the journey of growing up in the fast lane from beginning to end–learning to experience losses and still push forward to learn love,” explains Wilson.

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