Mila J Sept. 2018

Mila J Drops Latest EP ‘September 2018’


Singer/songwriter Mila J drops the 9th installment of her year long EP series, September 2018.

Mila’s EP series captures a year’s worth of the highs and lows of a relationship. The first quarter of the year depicted the happy moments leading into the struggles that build over time, leading into quarter two of the year. Quarter three, which includes ‘September 2018,’ reflects the breakup stage leading into finding strength to walk away from a toxic situation and love oneself above all.

The lead single “People Watchin” was pre-released earlier this week via Mila J’s official app. Fans can also download the entire project on the songstress’ app via Apple here. The Mila J Official App gives fans a mix of free and premium paid content including an exclusive opportunity to be first to receive new music, catch behind the scenes footage, meet and greets, merchandise giveaways, VIP show tickets and much more.

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