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Over recent years, R&B artists have steered away from only releasing music on certain days of the week. Since there’s always something new coming out, we know it’s sometimes difficult to stay updated on all things R&B.

Although we’re always here to give you day-by-day updates, we figured giving you a recap of some of the best R&B tracks and moments from the weekend’s past (and sometimes a little before) at the top of each week  great way for you to hear all the good stuff in one place. Some of the top R&B artists are releasing new music, doing interviews, and announcing plans for upcoming albums, 2020 is really off to an amazing start for our beloved genre.

So, if you happened to miss out on what’s been going down on the R&B front, here’s a short list of what you may have missed.

India Shawn drops two new singles, “Cali Love”, and “Not Too Deep”. 

Los Angeles based singer, India Shawn unveiled a pair of brand new singles last week. One of the singles, “Cali Love” was released alongside a music video which featured her in stunning amulets and body jewels. Meanwhile, the other single, “Not Too Deep” features 6Lack who matches her neo-soul vibe. Her new songs are part of an upcoming project that will be released via Epic Records. 

Kai Exos releases nostalgic video for “Broad Beans”

R&B singer-songwriter, Kai Exos released his second single of 2020 with an accompanying music video. The new song, “Broad Beans” is a track that pays homage to his maternal lineage and his life as a kid. In the video, images like kids on bikes, people cooking outside, and neighborhood stores are used to show viewers a day in the life of a young Kai. The song is part of his upcoming LP which will be out in May.

Watch Shaé Universe’ romantic visuals for “No Stallin”

British R&B singer, Shaé Universe uses her soft vocals and harmonies to profess love to a man in her new single. Watching the video will get many listeners in their feelings—partly because of the singer’s performance and the direction. She adds a little twist when she switches the flow to create room for some rap bars. Shaé isn’t just a singer, she is an entertainer who knows how to grab the attention of her audience.

Lil Tjay joins Luh Kel for the remix of “Wrong”

Luh Kel is a fast rising artist best known for his song, “Wrong” which appeared on his debut album Mixed Emotions. The 17-year-old singer has etched a place as one of R&B’s most vibrant young talents to emerge in recent years. In the remix of “Wrong” Lil Tjay adds a rap verse that matches the theme of heartbreak in the song. 

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