New Music: Blake Johnston “Get You Some”


Multi-hyphenate artist Blake Johnston, is giving us reason to celebrate this summer with the release of his new single “Get You Some.” The Virginia native is a singer, songwriter, producer and professional model. 

Sonically, “Get You Some” evokes memories of an era of soul where R&B was grown and sexy. The sounds make you think of late night jam sessions at your favorite lounge. Sipping an expensive glass of wine after a long week. Imagine the fun, loose structured vibe of neo-soul greats like D’Angelo and Erykah Badu when playing a live show. That’s what Blake’s music reminds me of. His tone is distinct yet familiar. His productions match his voice like a tailored glove. Lyrically, the songs praises walking to the beat of your own drum. It celebrates being confident about going after what you want. Only you and God know the vision for your life,  so you can’t be deterred by those who don’t get it. That’s a message that is definitely welcome during these crazy times. 

“Get You Some” with Blake below:


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