Ride ThisIsRnB’s “New Wave” Playlist


ThisIsRnB’s “New Wave” playlist on Spotify is comprised of the budding and formidable artists and bands that if you’ve yet to hear about, you should take a listen. This is the current sound of R&B as we know leading the wave and carrying the torch.

The playlist is curated by Greg Castel which features new music from emerging act, Gaidaa, out of the Netherlands who dropped her latest EP in July, Overture. R&B’s new wonder boy out of Cali, Giveon, made a spot in our playlist as well. With just one project under his belt to his name, he’s made enough of a rattle in the past year deservingly.

Many of these artists and bands are well on their way to becoming stars. Do yourself a favor. Pop on some headphones and catch this vibe. The 25 songs – this is the “New Wave.”

For your enjoy, listen below:

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