TMG FRE$H is an independent recording artist from the Bay Area, currently based in Los Angeles. He has much to celebrate lately with his latest single “Champagne Cry” featuring Tee Grizzley, filling the number two spot for the most additions to urban radio.

After being sidelined by a basketball injury in college, TMG FRE$H found a new passion in the film and TV, writing, producing, and directing various shows and short films before turning his attention to music. TMG FRE$H has spent 2020 releasing great music and showing off his artistry which has matured into a sound characterized by synthy R&B vocals and melodic raps.

TMG FRE$H has kept to his grind despite the hardships of a global pandemic, releasing his single “Anybody” earlier this year, he’s shifted the energy with “Champagne Cry.” With Grizzley’s hard-hitting raps, the duo perfectly bounced their styles off each other to show out for their lavish lifestyle and the harsh truth that there are no nice guys in the game of revenge.

The immediate gratification that came with creating music encouraged FRE$H to go all-in, and he subsequently made it his focus. Leveraging his prior experiences, with a unique emphasis on storytelling and artistry, TMG FRE$H has successfully positioned himself as a true artist and one to keep an eye on going forward.

Watch “Champagne Cry” below. Available on all streaming platforms.

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