Candace Woodson, International Multi award-winning artist releases latest single “Nothing Better” off her first studio album titled “Desire”.  Distinguished as “the Queen of Sophisticated Soul” by music industry leaders, Candace delivers a elegant and vocally heartwarming recording with “Nothing Better”, solidifying that the distinction is merited.

Candace shared her creative process in writing and mindset for  “Nothing Better” she states “This song was written in memory of a friend who died and left behind five young children. He was a truck driver trying his best to provide for his family and for himself, but it brought on a lot of stress physically and emotionally resulting in a tragic accident ending his life.” Candace goes on to say “So I asked myself what is more important, stressing oneself over financial responsibilities or staying alive and working through problems together to relieve one’s stress?  “This song talks about the simple things, a smile, beauty in life, just being together. No money or material things will replace love, there’s Nothing Better than love.”

Written and produced by Candace “Nothing Better” proves that you can find beauty in tragedy.

Check out ‘Nothing Better’ now. Available on all streaming platforms via Expansion Record.

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