Premiere New Music: Autumn Nicholas – “Back When”


R&B singer/songwriter Autumn Nicholas is back with her beautiful new single “Back When.  The Raleigh-native first debuted in 2016 with her debut EP Chapter 1. Since then, she has been performing for delighted audiences all across the East Coast.  Autumn often uses her art to make bold statements that advocate for marginalized groups through stories about love, hope, pain, and loss. “Back When” is the follow-up to her powerful single “Side by Side” which shed light on the fight for equality.

Sonically, “Back When” is a powerful, piano driven ballad that allows Autumn’s storytelling and incredible vocal performance to take centerstage. Her descriptive imagery makes it easy for the listener to reminisce about times in their own life that coincide with what she is singing about. Without a doubt, this song is destined to be featured in a pivotal scene during a big blockbuster movie or hit Netflix series. It’s that’s good. This one is a must add for your winter playlist.

When discussing the song, Autumn said “If time didn’t cost you a dime, how would you spend it? This song is about the joy of time well spent and longing for the moments we sometimes miss. A child’s first steps, long walks with a father, birds chirping at 3 am, time with your partner, and savoring the feeling of falling back in love. Time to share moments we might miss or forget if we don’t take the time to hold on to the joy in that moment. Giving ourselves the ability to savor the time we have and the people that share it with us.”

Listen to “Back When” HERE:

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