ThisIsRnB Unfolded Exclusive Interview: ThisIsRnB Unfolded -X- Steven Christopher


Rising artist and Memphis, TN native Steven Christopher released his latest “Single Minded” from his highly anticipated EP of the same name.  Christopher wrote and produced the single, which could double as an anthem of sorts for those choosing themselves first over toxic relationships.

ThisIsRnB’s Unfolded  team sat down with the singer/songwriter, producer and actor as he talked  more in-depth about the meaning behind the single, his creative process, artistic goals, his dream collaborations and so much more.

When asked about his strengths and weaknesses when creating his music, Christopher replied, ” I’m attracted to anything that’s creative… I’ve never really looked at it as strengths and weaknesses with regards to music period. When creating music, I believe everyone has their way of looking at things …tailoring your process to whatever it is. I write in the process of life…”

As for the single “Single Minded” “it was written in quarantine…being alone and speaking to  my mentality of where I am now… It’s just a mindset at the end of the day…not an ‘@’ anyone person or situation…its just not wanting to be distracted…self-care, spending time on yourself…that’s important. ”

Steven Christopher is such a great talent. He is one artist to keep on your radar and playlist. We wish him much success.

Check out the full interview HERE.  Listen to “Single Minded” below. Available on all DSP’s.

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