Chris Brown & Young Thug Cuttin’ Up: “City Girls”


The legendary Cab Calloway, the art deco area, and a touch of the mob hit show “Broadway Empire” definitely had a major influences on Chris Brown and Young Thug’s “City Girls” video. We thoroughly enjoyed the mini cinema, and the highly talented lead dancers.

“City Girls” is the three visual off of the pair’s mixtape “Slime & B” which was released earlier this year. “Say You Love Me” took us on a futuristic space, next dimension, which Brown’s animation didn’t disappoint with the dance moves. “Go Crazy” gave us electric vibes, and gave us the summer party we wanted, but due to covid-19 just never happened. However, Brown really pulled all the bells and whistle‘s for the cinema, and highly anticipated single. Whether you’re watching for the acrobatic dance moves, the theatrics, the elaborate costumes, or just for the ambience, “City Girls” leaves no stone unturned.  This is the only video of the three that doesn’t seem to take place at Brown’s lavish artsy mansion. We’re looking forward to what they will put out next.

Watch Chris Brown and Young Thug’s “City Girls” below, and tell us what you think.


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