New Video: Estere – “Into the Belly of Capricorn”


Blue Riots Record’s artist Estère is gifting fans with her stunning new visual for her single “Into the Belly of Capricorn.” The single is featured on her new album Archetypes. The genre-bending artist teamed up with producer Stew Jackson to craft the perfect album to showcase her eclectic style.

The water-themed visual perfectly captures the ethereal vibe of  “Into the Belly of Capricorn.” We bear the free flowing melody we watch mermaid-like images of her swimming underwater. Admittedly, I was so engaged by the visual that I had to replay it to focus solely on the song. It’s just that mesmerizing. The mystical musician’s new album Archetypes is a sonic journey into the mind of  an artist that’s not afraid of forging her own path. Lyrical honesty and vocal vulnerability are what make Archetypes such a captivating listen. Fans of artists like Little Dragon or St. Vincent will find Estère to be the perfect addition to their current playlists.

Check out the new video and listen to her new album below:



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