Bobby V Discussed “Reply” Current State OF R&B, Serenaded Our Hosts, Plus More


Mulit-Platinum R&B singer/songwriter, Grammy Award Nominee Bobby V sat down with ThisIsRnB’s Unfolded hosts Yndi B and Meg, to discuss his latest single “Reply” and what we can expect to hear on his upcoming album, “Appetizer” plus future tour dates. He also discussed the current state of R&B and why he is sticking to his soulful roots.

“Reply” is the first single off of his ninth studio album. He produced most of the music, which features his artist, Santos Silva. In addition to his latest project, Bobby V has launched Veltree Music Group (VMG) an Atlanta based  independent label.

Bobby V’s long career includes three No.1 albums on Billboards’s U.S. Top R&B Chart, hit singles with Ludacris, Gucci Mane, Future, Nicki Minaj, Meek Mill Timbaland and many more.  Bobby V has been putting out hits over a decade with songs like “Slow Down,” “tell Me,” and “Anonymous” to name a few. “I’m just so thankful and appreciative of all my family, friends, and fans.  They motivate me daily and are the reason why I keep going. They are the real MVP’s.”

They play a quick round of “Name That Song and Artist” plus he beautifully serenaded our hosts to some of his great music. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out our Bobby V session on YouTube.

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  1. roadsinger 3 years ago

    BOBBY V GIVing OUT HIS LATEST “REPLY ” look for Bobby V Sessions on YouTUBE “YOU’LL BE HAPPY YOU DID “

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