Kara Marni has us ‘Trippin’ with her enchanting soul


British bombshell Kara Marni whose latest single “Trippin” continues to soar, is a rising RnB starlet.  The Tripped Out Soul Mix of the track was done along with the legendary Verdine White of the GRAMMY-award-winning group Earth, Wind & Fire. With iconic fans like White and Elton John, Marni is earning accolades reflective of her repertoire, yet she remains focused on her future.

“Every year I feel the growth. … as an artist, as a creative, you have a tendency to just always feel like you’re not doing enough,” she shares while staying safe and active at home. “I’m always looking at the next thing to do. I’m always looking at evolving and how I improve myself and what better songs I can write and what more music I can put out. That’s what keeps me going really, is never getting complacent knowing that there’s more I could be doing.”


Marni also spoke about her collaboration with White whom she calls “Uncle Dine,” and the inspiration that led to the interpolation of the classic RnB jam, Amerie’s “1 thing” in “Trippin.” Her vision of reimagining the song took some trial and error that eventually led to its fruition.

The dance-inducing groove details  “a situation [about] this guy just before lockdown that I was kind of obsessed with. … “The ‘1 Thing’ concept was very similar to what I wanted to talk about … I rewrote around the song and made it my own,” she shares.

During the pandemic, the poignant singer-songwriter, who has accumulated more than 50 million career streams, “learned how to vocal produce, which is actually such a huge thing for me because I cannot use computers.”

She adds, “All the music you’re going to hear next, I’ve literally recorded at home.”

Kara Marni’s third EP is due out later this year. Check out her chat with ThisisRnb’s Rocki to learn about the origin of her name, the dynamics of her artistry, how she wants her legacy as an artist to inspire aspiring artists, and more.


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