New Music: Thuy releases “in my bag”


Rising indie R&B artist Thuy, is back with “in my bag”, a saucy lyrical track that is the third single from her forthcoming EP.

Following her dreamy vocals on “universe” and her early 2000’s homage on “chances”, Thuy switched to a cool yet sassy feel on “in my bag”, the perfect self-confidence anthem that showcases her lyrical abilities as she rap/sings on this R&B track.

Declaring her confidence, Thuy shares how she found her voice and power to push through the letdowns and ultimately thrive.

“As an independent artist, I felt like an underdog when no one saw that I had it in me. I had to face a lot of rejection and instead of giving in to the no’s, criticism, and judgment from others, I saw it as motivation because I knew I had it in me to be great and to do great things. I had faith that if I just kept working and focusing on what I want to achieve, I would eventually get to where I am today. 

It wasn’t easy and that second verse is me giving myself encouragement about the growth I had to go through. I’m telling myself you don’t need validation from others because you have the strength within you. You always had it in you and you just had to go through some hurdles to get there. 

Lines like ‘I left my ego at the door and now I’m seeing better days” is about how I’m now flourishing because I stopped letting the lows and my ego get in the way of things. When I finally got to that point, I was able to own my power and be that person who is now thriving. It took a while to find my light but now I look at what I’ve accomplished and I’m proud of myself.”

“in my bag” serves as the motivation needed to find that light, will, power and perseverance to keep punching through.

Give a listen to “in my bag” Below. Available on all DSP.

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