Indie: G.Mitch Comes Through with Debut Music Video ” Turn It Up”


Chicago native “G.Mitch” for short  releases sultry music video ” Turn It Up.”

G. Mitch, singer and songwriter who vocally mixes trap-soul and r&b, is heavily influenced by r&b and rap artists Trey Songz, R.Kelly, Drake and J.Cole.

“Turn It Up”  is sure to gain attention and traction in the music industry. It is the perfect song to follow G.Mitch as he sets out to make his musical imprint.

G. Mitch has very catchy hook that makes you reminisce on that special someone that  you just couldn’t let go.  In the song, he’s explicit about his feelings ” ..i’m connected to your body like a wifi…” and with that type of connection, you definitely gonna “Turn It Up.”

The video is visually pleasing, featuring all the expensive accruements and starring the stunning female lead “Ashanti As Hell,” scantily drapped in an ever so sexy black lace lingerie number showing off her toned physic.

Watch the video below and get ready to “Turn It Up.”   Available for download  and purchase on all digital streaming platforms.

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