Queen Naija Teams Up with Big Sean releases new single “Hate Our Love”


Detroit natives Queen Naija and Big Sean join forces on Naija’s new single “Hate Our Love.”

“Hate Our Love” is a classic love story of feelings, and making love for each the reason it supersedes all the negativity of being together. No matter what people say or do, their love for each prevails, because Love will always”makes it do what it do.”

Sean kicks off the song  sincerely expressing his feelings about the relationship, sharing that from the start , “I can’t lie I wanted you the first time I saw you/tried to diss me till you realized I’m someone you could talk to/You been hurt over and over/tell me what has it taught you?/ Soon as you fell for me though/ I had caught you…”

As Naija sings about her is confusion as to why people want to see their relationship fail ” Boy, love you on your worst day/still see you how I saw you on the first day…/They hate our love/they want to see u fail…”

“Hate Our Love” is Naija’s first solo project since the re-release of her debut album ‘Misunderstood.’

We are loving how Naijas is constantly evolving and her star is shinning with her music and artistry.

Take a listen to “Hate On Our Love” below.

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