Grammy-nominated artist Aloe Blacc Celebrates The Godfather’s 50th Anniversary with New Single “Mercy The GodFather Mix”


As part of the ongoing celebration of the 50th anniversary of “THE GODFATHER “this year, Grammy-nominated singer, songwriter, producer, and activist  Aloe Blacc has released a new original composition incorporating the iconic love theme from the cinematic masterpiece. Releasing the new single entitled “Mercy The Godfather Mix” along with an accompanying video.

A throwback to his hip-hop roots, the multi-faceted talent Blacc lays down a smooth rap over  ‘Brucia La Terra’ chords, effortlessly delivering a powerful lyrical punch.  The video is a phenomenal visual and artistic tour de force staying true to The Godfather’s persona.

 Aloe showing off for 2022 damn this is 🔥🔥🔥,” “WOW .!!! Nate , this song is killer..!! Bringing back your rapping flow it’s good to see and hear.” “Didn’t know dude could rap n sing at the same time💯💯💯” a sample of high praises for the “Mercy(The Godfather Mix)” by Blacc as expressed by YouTube fans.

Best known for his smash hits “Wake Me Up,” “SOS,” and “The Man,” Blacc’s musical versatility, songwriting, and lyrics have been blended with dance and country music to produce songs that resonate deep within the soul. And “Mercy (The Godfather Mix) is no exception.

Take a listen to Aloe Blacc’s “Mercy (The Godfather Mix)” here. Watch the accompanying video below.

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