Rising Star Malachiii delivers debut EP ” The Ascension”


Rising singer, songwriter, and producer Malachiii comes out the door swinging on his sonically, and one could even say, “perfect pitch” on his debut EP titled “The Ascension” which released on Motown Records.

The seven-track EP showcases Malachiii’s amazing talent and vocal prowess throughout. Beginning with the opening track “Elevate” delivering beautiful lyrics, Malachiii’s tone gets you caught up in his musical rhapsody.  Laying it all out in the powerful track two “Hold Me”  and track three fan-favorite “I’m Back” is a vibey bounce beat and has an accompanying lyric video that was released earlier in the year. The California native doesn’t stop there, he continues to take the listener on a musical journey of self-love, life’s expectations, mental health, and beyond.  On track six “Next To Me” he expresses his love and lets it be known where he wants his love to be. on the last track-seven, you can hear guitar riffs weaving between emotive lyrics amid sentimental passages on “Back When We Were Kids.”

Malachiii has joined the growing trend of upcoming artists, not only singing but masterfully writing and producing his entire project. His showmanship is so authentic.

This is a “no skip” but definitely a “repeat” EP, and we know “We’re not alone” in our higher register falsetto. Malachiii is an artist that you can tell takes his time, and truly studies to perfect his artistry.

“The Ascension” displays the exquisite rays of our favorite genre, Pure r&b, futuristic r&b, and alternative b&b, all infused with pop and hip-hop, making for just feel-good music for every ear.

Speaking on his debut EP, Malachiii shares, “The Ascension is my true introduction to the world.  This project is so important to me because it’s just the tip of the iceberg.  The listener will get to see different sides of me musically while reflecting on my journey with ‘ascension” in all things in my life. “

“The Ascension” EP  is empowering in that you can feel it deep within your soul as he sings from the heart. We’re looking forward to all of the phenomenal music Malachiii has yet to share with the world. We’re not in a rush, we’re going to relish in “The Ascension” and keep it on heavy rotation.

Take a listen to Malachiii’s “The Ascension” below and let us know your favorite track.

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