FX network shows Pose and American Horror Stories actor Dyllón Burnside returns with his first new music of 2022, the inspirational Pride-themed anthem “Superpowers.”

“Superpowers” is written by Dyllón Burnside, Jeremy Dussolliet and Tim Sommers, with production from the trio plus Kinetics and One Love.

“I wrote this song to my inner child. To the young man who was told that he was flawed because he was different. I learned that my differences were not a source of weakness but were, in fact, my Superpowers! This song is for everyone who has been marginalized, bullied, or attacked because of who they are. It is an anthem for the strong, the survivors, for the everyday superheroes fighting on the battlefield of life,” shares Burnside.

‘Superpowers’ is a timely high spirited song which released on June 10th in both ‘Black Music Month’ and ‘Pride Month’ really showcases Dyllon’s powerful vocals. Lyrically Dyllón delivers a  compelling message of affirmation and determination standing tall in truth“…Woke up feeling invincible/Everything that I touch is gold/No one telling me nothing yo/Feel I just been flying/And I can’t come down/…I feel like I got superpowers/I feel like I got superpowers/Had a couple secrets/They called it a weakness/But I call it a superpower/X2…”

On Instagram Dyllón has dedicated “this one is for all the queer kids, the outcasts and misfits. Your differences… “They call it a weakness but I call it a SUPERPOWER”. Happy Pride!!!”

Take a listen to “Superpower” below.

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