Ben Offical’s new single “Give Me Your Love” blends R&B and Pop music


Ben Official recently released his new single, “Give Me Your Love,” and accompanying video.

The Nigerian-American R&B singer is confessing his love for his woman but also talks about being conflicted with his attraction and flings with other women. The storyline of the song is somewhat on the lines of Usher’s iconic “Confessions” song, but minus the baby drama.

The song is upbeat with a blend of Pop and R&B but the way the song begins is very smooth with just the piano and Ben Official’s vocals and the harmony of his voice. The beat drops when the chorus comes in, “Tell me would you give me, would you give me your love ?/Just me Tell me you would give me your all.”

So, you can say his voice is part of the instrumentation itself. You can hear the clarity as well as the soul in his voice. The harmonies are definitely an ingredient that melds contemporary sound with old-school R&B making for a song that is next level.

Although he’s done wrong, Official is asking his lady to forgive him. He’s saying they both made promises they didn’t keep when he said, “We broke up on the way to your place,/On a Saturday /You were mad at me/But I had you stay /And spoke about how last time/Was the last time that I’d cheat again /Or you’d leave again/But then again.” Ben Official goes on to say that he did warn her about loving him because he has options. Nevertheless, he wants her love because they’ve been through a lot together.

Official has been transitioning into acting and screenwriting as he continues his journey as a singer/songwriter, vocal producer, and music director. Ben is currently working on multiple projects and his EP “No Ego” which is set to release this year.

Official has also released a beautiful video to accompany the song, showcasing some of his dance moves.

Listen to “Give Me Your Love” by Ben Official and view the video below:

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