6LACK second single “Talk Back” talks about God, focusing and getting to the bag


R&B/Hip Hop singer and rapper 6LACK dropped a second single Friday, “Talk Back,” another single from his upcoming album S.I.H.A.L.

“Talk Back” seems to be a track about 6LACK talking about getting back to what’s important and back on his grind. He says he has to “focus on the sh** that matters, go get the bag, bring it back for your family’s sake.”

The beat has the feel of the Carl Thomas classic hit, “Emotional,” but with a hip-hop feel and is more upbeat. 6LACK definitely sing-raps on the beat, but it’s very charismatic. The way he is confident while singing and rapping the song seems to be a small indication of what the album will be like and, that he is coming back with a bang.

Perhaps the most powerful part of the song is when talks about his spiritual journey.

“…Ayy I just spoke to God on the phone/That ain’t cap/He was there/Loud and clear/I said, “What’s up?”, He talked back/Don’t let your enemies throw you off track…”

He even says he’s gone through things that everyone else has, noting that everyone has trials, but how you handle them determines whether you win or lose the battle. The Atlanta native seems to be ready to deliver more music and is more confident than ever. At the end of the song, he says he’s not the same person he was a few years ago and that shouldn’t be a surprise- another indication this new project will be something different.

6lack first gained attention with his debut album, “Free 6lack,” in 2016.

Listen to “Talk Back ” below:

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