BLK ODYSSY takes it back with newly released single, “Honeysuckle Neckbone”


BLK ODYSSY’s new “Honeysuckle Neckbone” also features the legendary artist and bassist, Bootsy Collins. The guitar, bass, instrumentation, arrangement of vocals and Collins’ voice add to the retro vibe. At the beginning of the track, you can hear Collins speaking in his funkadelic tone and he even says “I’d rather be with you,” a reference to his 1976 hit, “I’d Rather Be With You.” This track would fit perfectly on a playlist with the music of Childish Gambino, especially his hit song, “Redbone.”

The track talks about a man who is remorseful, as he has lost his first love, and of course, he misses her. Throughout the song, “sweet like candy” is sung and referenced throughout the track in a high-pitched, falsetto voice. The phrase is more than likely talking about the sweetness of the relationship and the good times, while the neckbone reference of the song talks about the “salty” of the relationship ending.

BLK ODYSSY’S sings on the track in a very smooth way. He shows good range when he sings in a mid-high pitch tone when the song begins. In the second verse, he raps on the beat, but it’s kind of similar to how he sings at the beginning. He’s a multi-talented artist and able to sing and rap well.

The song is definitely different from what is heard on the radio now. This track is actually exciting for R&B music because it shows how creative, different, and multi-faceted it can be.

BLK has been making a name for himself since the debut album “BLK VINTAGE,” which surpassed 40 million streams upon release in 2021. A deluxe version was released last year. BLK ODYSSY headlined his own tour in 2022 – selling out NYC’s Mercury Lounge and LA’s Moroccan lounge.

Listen to “Honeysuckle Neckbone ” below:

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