Exclusive Interview: Thisisrnb-x-Bradd Marquis + New Live Performance Video “Blowin In The Wind”


“Life man…life is my biggest influence. I use my experiences and observations to, hopefully, bring joy, love, healing, and awareness to my listeners.” – Bradd Marquis

Multi-award winner, singer/songwriter, and all-around entertainer extraordinaire, Bradd Marquis just drooped his new live performance video for his dazzling rendition of Sam Cooke’s Iconic single “Blowing In The Wind.”

Having delivered an energetic performance of “Blowin’ In The Wind” that touched deep inside one’s conscience awareness, Marquis now brings the same energy and exuberance to a live performance video captivating the audience at the Shea Center of Performing Arts in William Patterson!

Check it out here.

During an exclusive chat with ThisIsRnB, Marquis offered spirited and insightful commentary about his musical and performing experiences and journey, feeling honored and privileged to sing the iconic ” Sam Cooke” songs, as well as preserve Cooke’s legacy for future generations to come, and Cooke’s pioneering spirit and being a champion for pro-blackness.

Marquis shared many insights into what shapes his creativity, his writing process, his mental state when he performs and writes, along with so much more.

We were seriously blown away by his signature sound as he treated us to a snippet of a Sam Cooke’s song. His vocals were precise and on point. This brother can really blow!

Watch our exclusive interview with Bradd Marquis to find out so much more about this extraordinary artist below.  To connect with Marquis on Facebook at Bradd Marquis and follow him on Instagram, Twitter.

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