R&B Breakout Artist Syo Releases New EP ‘Table Manners’


R&B newcomer Syo returns with the release of his new EP called ‘Table Manners.’ The 9-track project delivers an array of storytelling, in addition to combining infectious sounds with harmonious melodies. As one of the freshest voices in R&B, Syo has a story to tell and he aims to ascend to greater heights with his newest release.

‘Table Manners’ is a multi-layered project mainly centered around the idea of comparison and wanting what others have based solely on perception. Throughout the project, Syo compares the idea to looking at someone else’s plate and comparing who has what. He uses the concept of food as a metaphor for many different struggles. ‘Table Manners’ is about reflection and learning to appreciate what’s on your plate.

‘Table Manners’ holds layers of significance for Syo, and it requires more than a few listens to fully digest the themes and hidden messages spread throughout the song.

“My passion in music comes from a childhood need to be heard,” Syo says. “My parents never listened to me as a kid. I would get whooped for expressing emotion or thoughts. I eventually began to write them letters to explain how I felt about everything. But those got thrown away. That left me with a constant need to be heard, to be understood. Music became natural, lyrics became vital.”

Throughout ‘Table Manners,’ Syo stamps his unique style of R&B on each track. Drawing influences ranging from Lauryn Hill and Kendrick Lamar to Outkast, Sade, and Lil Wayne, Syo definitely has a range of possibilities that don’t allow him to be kept in a box.

EP highlights include “snack,” which is an intimate story of wanting more from the one you love, and “get you some,” which comes to terms with the theme of sacrifice. The project as a whole takes listeners through a rollercoaster of emotions … nonetheless, it’s some of Syo’s best music, and audiences are in for a treat. The sky’s the limit for this R&B crooner, as each release is more intimate and personal than the last.

Take a listen to Syo’s “Table Manners” below.

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