Shae Nycole makes her demands with new single, “No Strings”


R&B songstress Shae Nycole recently released her new single and video, “No Strings” and the song is about exactly what the title says- lovemaking without the “strings” or “commitments” that come along with a relationship.

The song has a classic R&B feel but also has a contemporary feel to it with an upbeat tempo and upbeat songs are always good for the Spring/Summer.
Shae Nycole’s voice takes the spotlight on the track. She sings the song with different tones and shows her range when she sings in her deep, seductive voice.

She talks about how much she hates him, doesn’t like him, but “she” misses him and is calling for him every night- a metaphor for her lady parts. Basically, she wants the “d” but not the drama.

“I still hate you/But I can’t wait till/Till you make sweet love to me/
So, no strings attached baby/ No strings attached baby/ Just give me that baby, baby, baby.”

Shae Nycole is a soulful singer, songwriter, and actress hailing from Nashville, Tenn. though her birthplace is Lake Charles, La. Her last single release was “Run It Up” featuring Choppa. She has had singles peak on the Urban AC Top 40 and Indie Urban AC charts.

View the video for “No Strings” below:

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