THISISRNB Global Spotlight: French R&B singer-songwriter Ben L’Oncle Soul releases new album, “Is It You?”


French R&B Soul artist Ben L’Oncle Soul recently released his album, “Is It You?”, an intimate, soulful album that talks about the award-winning artist making sense of his life after the COVID-19 pandemic.

The album was written and composed by Ben himself, in collaboration with Gunnar Ellwanger. Grammy-Award-winning producer Scott Jacoby, who has worked with Janelle Monáe, Coldplay, and Vampire Weekend, engineered the album.

The nine-track album, which was officially released in February, is a breath of fresh air to R&B. The most intriguing, yet simplest, aspect of many of the tracks is the way Ben sings on the tracks. His voice is very soulful, and also strong and gentle at the same time. He also has great penmanship, writing catchy lyrics. His background vocals are also very simple, but it doesn’t need much. Between the lyrics, his voice, and the music, the combination of the three work well together. The music is a good combo of jazz, soul, and R&B.

The namesake track, “Is It You?” is about Ben wondering about someone special- he is thinking about her a lot and wondering if she’s there no matter where he is.

“Birds up in the sky that call my name/Is it you? /Is it you?

The track is nice, mid-tempo, and Ben’s voice is very chill on the track. The second verse is really nice because of the way he switches up the vibes and sings against the track. This is a good track to chill and vibe to.

The album touches on different aspects and emotions of life that many people may be feeling- anger, hope, love, faith, etc.

Ben is a multi-platinum-selling musician with over 200 million streams and chart success across Europe. His current European tour has sold-out shows in Belgium, France, the UK, and the Netherlands and France, Belgium, and the UK.

Ben has released five albums and has been recognized in his home country France, where he has won a Globes de Cristal award for ‘Best Male Singer’ and a Victoires de la Musique award – the equivalent of the Grammy Awards in France – for ‘Live Breakthrough’. Internationally, Ben L’Oncle Soul has also achieved chart success in Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, and Switzerland, among other countries.

View the music video for “Is It You? ” below:

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