WHAT YOU MAY HAVE MISSED: NEW R&B MUSIC: Ciara, Usher, Alex Vaughn with Muni Long, and Victoria Monet ft. Lucky Daye


R&B lovers have been graced with so much new music in the past few weeks and even more was dropped this past weekend. Here are some new R&B releases you may have missed.

Ciara drops the video for “Da Girls”

Ciara is promoting her new single “Da Girls,” and she dropped a visual for the new independent ladies’ anthem. The song is a mid-tempo bop, encouraging women to “get that money sis” and be I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T.

“This is for da girls getting money/This is for da girls that don’t need no man/
This is for all da girls that’s in love with they self/This for all da girls that done did It by they self.”

Ciara received backlash all over the internet and social media after sharing a snippet of the song in February. But, the R&B superstar is moving forward with her first for this year.

Click below to watch the video “Da Girls”

Usher gets nasty with new single, “Glu”

Usher’s new single, “Glu” is a real treat for R&B lovers. The single has a slow vibe but is mid-tempo. Usher sings in a high falsetto voice the entire time and he holds it steady. The electric guitar adds to the dramatics of the song- which is all about that “sticky glue.” The song is very sexy, with lyrics about lovemaking and being freaky, so this is not for kids.

“Hey, now you laying there breathless/A sign of instant rush/All this licking, girl, your lips going back and forth/ Gaped open, back arched, and rude/I just love that glue.”

The track was produced by Sean Garrett, Lil Jon, and The Avila Brothers. Usher also released a lyric video.

Usher currently has a residency in Las Vegas.

Click below to listen to “Glu”

Alex Vaughn/ Muni Long release single, ” IYKYK”

Two fresh voices of R&B, Alex Vaughn and Muni Long, have teamed up and released a collaboration single, “IYKYK.”

The song takes the acronym, if you know, you know, to a whole new level. This simply means you’ll only know what they want you to know. The song is about keeping it classy in the streets, reserving the freakiness and secrets for the bedroom, and keeping people out of your business-PERIDOT.

“If you know you know you know/What you think you know you don’t/If you know you know you know/What you think you know you don’t.”

The song has a good vibe and a lot of women will more than likely relate to it. The track also talks about not letting a man give you any more problems than you already have. The beat has a trap-soul feel to it and is fast enough to rock to it.

Click below to listen to “IYKYK”

Victoria Monet signs to RCA and releases new single “Smoke” feat. Lucky Daye

Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter Victoria Monét has inked a deal with RCA Records and has released a new single, “Smoke,” featuring label mate, Lucky Day.

The song has a funkadelic vibe to it with the guitar. You can hear a lighter being lit at the end of the song, as well as a puff being passed. Actually, the song is in good timing for 4/20. But it also has a sexy vibe to it.

“Little fireworks that light up for me / In my fingertips I burn my worries / Do it somethin’ like that eight-track shorty / Keep it in rotation, it’s a celebration every time we smoke.”

The R&B singer also released a video for the track.

This is the singer’s first release since 2021.

Click below to listen to “Smoke”

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