Chloe releases long-awaited solo debut album “In Pieces”


Chloe releases her long-awaited debut solo studio album, “In Pieces” via Parkwood Entertainment and Columbia records.

Chloe has really evolved as an artist and is standing in her own lane and truth. She is constantly displaying versatility with her vocals and lyrics. There are a lot of emotions in this album, from love to pain to sexuality and healing. It validates us to be vulnerable, fearful, and not have it all together.

It’s really hard to pick only one track as a favorite because every track seems to tap into a different emotion. a few of our stand-out tracks are:

Track #2 Pray It Away” gives a real talk about having the urge to get revenge and do something you might regret later.  Instead, she’s going to pray away those feeling away which seems like the right ting to do.

Track #3 “Body Do” is giving a definite 90’s r&b club vibe coming hard with the lyric and the beats.

Track #4″I Don’t Mind” is such a beautiful vocal track with Chloe delivering runs that are uniquely hers.

Track # 5 “Worried” lets you know not to worry about her because she’s going to love herself better at the end of the night.  “How Does It Feel” featuring Chris Brown track#7 is all about relationships the ups the downs and the crazy- turnarounds definitely a responsive song filled with raw feelings and emotions.

“In Pieces” is a relatable piece of work with something for everyone to listen to. Chloe’s project proves she’s set the bar high, and she’s just getting started.

Listen to “In Pieces” below.

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