Coline Creuzot releases new single, all about having “nothing” left to give


Los Angeles-based R&B Artist Coline Creuzot recently released her single, “Nothing,”– a song about moving on from a relationship and letting the past be the past.

The beat is slow, mysterious, and seductive. Creuzot sings passionately on the tracks about what could’ve been and she says she has absolutely nothing left to give-and the f**cks have ran out. You can almost hear the disappointment in her voice, but the lyrics help her quickly get out of her feelings.

“Let’s not pretend, we could’ve been/We could’ve been something/You treated me like nothing/Now you’re feeling something/And baby I got nothing/Ain’t that something.”

But the song is not all sad or negative. Creuzot is letting her ex know he’s replaceable and that she will no longer be wasting time. Matter of fact, she tells him there is no reason to even make amends or be  friends-the epitome of moving on.

“Nothing” is Creuzot’s first 2023 release from her forthcoming EP.

Creuzot released “Sometimes” in 2021, co-written by Sam Hook and produced by Happy Perez, followed by her Billboard charting single “For Love” and “That Feeling” in 2022.

The R&B singer has opened for artists such as Drake, Keyshia Cole, Monica, and Tank. She later attracted a publishing deal with EMI (now Sony ATV). Creuzot is also a scholar, holding a degree in Business Management from Hampton University,

Listen to “Nothing ” below:

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