R&B Artist ASTN Delivers Soulful New Single ‘How Soon?’ on the Heels of Breakout Year


Rising R&B artist ASTN has returned with his latest single, “How Soon?” which showcases his soulful vocals and heartfelt lyrics. The track is a stripped-back ballad that delves into the aftermath of a relationship and the internal struggle of knowing when it’s time to move on. The accompanying video features black-and-white shots and color flashbacks of ASTN as he deals with the emotions of heartbreak and healing.

At just 24 years old, ASTN has quickly gained recognition in the music industry as a talented singer, songwriter, and producer. His previous release, “Be So Cruel,” was met with critical acclaim and served as a fitting follow-up to his 2022 EP, ‘You’re Almost There.’ This debut EP consisted of five tracks that were sequenced in chronological order, following the stages of a breakup.

With “How Soon?,” ASTN showcases a different side of his musicality as he gears up for a new project set to arrive in the spring. The song is relatable and evocative, as ASTN captures the complicated emotions that arise after a breakup. He sings, “I didn’t mean to move on, but how soon is too soon to get with someone?” a sentiment that many listeners can relate to.

In discussing the inspiration behind the track, ASTN shares his personal experience with moving on from a past relationship. He explains that it wasn’t easy for him to make selfish decisions, even if they were the right ones. He believes that there is no set guideline or rules to follow when it comes to moving on from someone, and “How Soon?” represents his personal journey of doing what was right for him.

Overall, “How Soon?” is a testament to ASTN’s talent as a musician and his ability to convey complex emotions through his music. The song and video are both captivating and serve as a great introduction to his upcoming project. As ASTN continues to evolve and explore new sounds, it’s clear that he will continue to make an impact in the music industry.

Check out “How Soon” below.

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