Rising R&B Artist Vincena introduces Gypsy Funk with her new single, “Love is Gone”


Rising R&B artist Vincena has released her single, “Love is Gone,” which is infused with Neo Soul, Gypsy Jazz, R&B, and Funk.

Vincena describes her music as “Gypsy Funk” which she says has many layers and colors to it. Her sound is influenced by classic R&B heavy hitters such as Mavin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, and Whitney Houston. Most of her music is about navigation through love and heartbreak while mastering self-discovery.

“Love is Gone” definitely has a Neo Soul vibe to it. Vincena sings on the track with control and is able to showcase her abilities and range. The instrumentation, which is heavy on the bass and guitar, is dreamy but her voice and background also add to the instrumentation.

Vincena speaks of getting away from a love that is toxic and focusing on herself. She even says, “After the love is gone/ After the love is gone/After/I won’t even cry no more/Won’t even cry no more.”She is going to pick herself back up and find herself again-she is going to learn to love herself instead of wasting it on someone who isn’t reciprocating.

Vincena got her start in Philadelphia singing in church. She has performed for Made in America and SoFar Sounds. Her previous single “Friends and Lovers” was released earlier this year, and was part of her debut EP, “The Purple Phase.” As an independent artist, her songs have been streamed continuously.

Listen to “Love is Gone” below:

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