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Last week’s Fresh Finds Fridays was a flood of new full-length albums as well as EPs. Victoria Monét even headed to the front of the line for ‘Song-of-the-Summer’ contenders. However, Chris Brown is here to put in his bid with his new single, “Summer Too Hot.” 

Chris Brown – “Summer Too Hot”

 Chris Brown learned that the spot for Song-of-the-Summer was still vacant, then decided to hop in the booth. The Grammy Award-winning singer’s new single “Summer Too Hot” is looking to secure the title. Following up on his 2022 album Breezy, the mid-tempo track is a sizzling way to roll out his new project. Produced by Roccstar and Gabriel Roland, Brown shifts between his normal and falsetto registers to create a flirty contrast. 

As he sings, “Summer too hot not to f*ck it up / Is the mood right? Is it wet enough / I gotta move right, guess I levelеd up / Let me wet it up just a fеw times / Summer too hot, had to double up / Shawty too fire with the bubble butt / We should move, slide on the regular,” the entertainer is making his plans for the next few months crystal clear. 

With “Summer Too Hot” being the first tasting of what’s to come on Brown’s upcoming eleventh studio album, you can tell it’s going to be steamy.

In lieu of the flood of last week’s big names, this week, we’re taking a moment to focus on R&B’s rising talents both nationally and internationally. This Fresh Finds Fridays column features projects from releases from Noby, RAAHiiM, Kali Claire, Luciia, and THEO. Check out this week’s roundup below. Don’t forget to let us know who you’re listening to below in the comment section.

NOBY – “Before”

Listen up, the South has something to say. Well, Noby certainly does. The Alabama native is wearing his heart on his sleeve yet again, this time on his new single “Before.” The Motown Record signee is forging his way through the alternative R&B scene has is winning his fellow bleeding hearts over in the process. 

On the self-produced track, Noby urges caution to those looking to enter the dating space. Love is a losing game, or at least when you haven’t done the inner work first. When the record opens up, Noby gets straight to the point by singing, “I was lost before we made this a thing / I found us before I found me / I can’t want nobody, who don’t want to be wanted / I swear I won’t let it get real / Next time til I know that I’ve healed.”

Noby may be a rookie, but vulnerable displays like what he did on “Before,” shows that he’s been taking notes from the veterans before his time. 

RAAHiiM – “Too Good”

RAAHiim has come a long way from his backup vocal duties for DVSN. The Brampton, Canada native has worked tirelessly to see his name in lights. With songs like his latest single, “Too Good,” that has become a reality. 

R&B has amplified its fair share of empowerment anthems for the ladies, but on the track co-produced by Luca, RAAHiim holds down the fellas. Heard in the stanza, “Don’t watch what your mouth say / You learn your lessons the hard way / Trouble yet we never change that / You killed the spark, that’s a cold play / No way / Switched up and said all the same thing, baby / But I’m too good to act like you don’t / I’m too good and girl, you know,” the entertainer is digging his heels in to demand his emotional worth. 

The musician will not be taken advantage of, misused, or abused because he knows just how valuable the relationship labor he’s ready to put in. As the track lays out, he’s ‘Too Good’ of a person to lack in any department involving love.

Kali Claire – “I Want You” feat. Jaz Karis

Typically the love bug is reserved for February, but Kali Claire’s romance is a year-round occasion worth celebrating. The North London native’s new single “I Want You” blasts the healing powers of her romantic embrace to anyone who’ll listen. 

Teaming up with fellow musician and producer OBR, the trio creates a light-heartedly cloud of bliss wrapped up in a flair of Afro beats. “I Want You” is mushy but won’t hold you back from grabbing your partner to two-step with you all night on the dance floor.  

“When you get me flowers, I always remember / It’ll never be better than you / You don’t know your power / No one gets the best of me, but I will give it to you / How you always meet me in my wildest dreams / I wanna make more than a memory,” poetically sings Kali Claire. 

If you’ve given up on finding your soulmate, Kali Claire, by way of “I Want You,” is here to encourage you that your special someone just might be worth holding out for.

LUCIIA – “Same Thing New Man”

Coldplay’s co-sign of LUCIIA may leave you confused as to why she’s on an R&B list. However, after you hear the Cuban/Swedish vocalist sing, that doubt will melt away. If you are looking for the perfect introduction to her work, start with LUCIIA’s latest sharing,  “Same Thing New Man,” Produced by London-based producer Maleík, the track is a funky blend of the past few decades of the genre. 

On the track, LUCIIA pulls production influence from Brandy’s early 1990s work while the songwriting leans more toward early 2000s Cassie. When melted down together, you get “Same Thing New Man,” a record all about the healthy response to dating red flags.  

“This could be something, but honestly, I’ve been there before / I might like what you’re offering / I appreciate it, don’t get me wrong / But if it ain’t what I want, I’d rather be alone / Same thing, new man / They don’t understand that they just do too much,” sings LUCIIA. 

In a statement shared with ThisIsRnB, the entertainer opened up about the inspiration behind the track, saying, “My self-confidence is starting to emerge, and the lyrics are written with a sense that what I receive in relationships is never enough. I feel misunderstood again and again, and with that comes men who don’t quite know how to approach me. In the song, I express that frustration.”

THEO – “There’s Always Something” feat. Sophia Thakur

Closed mouths don’t get fed, and bottled frustrations never get resolved. THEO has had enough of suppressing how she truly feels, at least when it comes to her love life. The Irish singer’s latest single, “There’s Always Something,” is able to air out her grievances. With spoken word artist Sophia Thakur, the duo take turns rattling off their qualms. To avoid giving it all away, listen to the track above. 

THEO expressed the song’s formation in a quote sent to ThisIsRnB, “’ There’s Always Something’conveys the frustration of trying so hard to make a relationship work, always giving but never receiving. I feel like there is still a glimmer of hope that shines through. The lyrics suggest that although the faith in the relationship may be dwindling, it hasn’t been completely lost.”

If you even remotely relate to her sentiments, “There’s Always Something” will instantly win you over. 

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