Grammy Nominated American Soul Singer MAJOR. Tells The Story Of Love, Mental Wellness, and self-care in new EP “The Hope Of my Soul” 


Like a narrator guiding you chapter by chapter through your favorite novel, American Soul Singer MAJOR. guides fans through each song of his newest EP “The Hope Of My Soul” with a powerful presence, voice, and delivery. 

From his powerful tenor vocals to the falsetto, he brings color, texture, and dimension to all 6 songs and gives us something we can feel. Track by track, each song flows seamlessly together in his latest EP with beautiful harmonies and melodies that keep you engaged from start to finish. 

The 6-song EP features tracks  including chart-topping single “Baby Will You Love Me,” “Hold My Hand,”  “I Prayed For You (Said A Prayer),”  “For The Win, ” “Joy In The Battle,” and  bonus track “Heaven Now.” Dedicated to love, mental wellness, and self-care – the album was inspired by a poignant text that the 8x NAACP, 2x Soul Train, and Grammy Award Nominated American Soul Singer received from the late Chadwick Boseman. A message that MAJOR. says prompted the charge for him to be more intentional about amplifying hope in love, life, and the future. 

With production from notable culture contributors, MAJOR. teamed up with Harmony “H Money” Samuels, Teddy P., and Joaquin Bynum who all understood the assignment bringing intention, vibe, and purpose to this timeless music in his latest EP. 

Written while in the depths of the pandemic at a time when many people battled challenges with mental health, MAJOR. knew that it was time to inspire hope and quiet the fears of his listeners through the love he poured into each track – lyrically and melodically. 

I’m just a man who lost some things and left with memories/ I’m just man who’s growing older/ I’ve made some friends along the way I’ve made some enemies/ I pray they’re all good in their soul/ I see the meaning, and the reasons and the seasons change/ I’ve seen the magic come and go/ I fell in love with shiny things I thought would warm me up/ I felt the heat when it turned cold,” he sings in the first verse of his single “Joy In The Battle,” track #5.

A powerful storyteller on stage and screen, the American soul singer leans into authenticity as his superpower as he inspires hearts with his relatable messages of life laced with his signature falsetto. Affectionately known by his new moniker The Hope Dealer, MAJOR.  leads unapologetically with the very hope in love that his music professes in real life. 

MAJOR.’s “The Hope Of My Soul” is definitely an add-to favorite playlist and one to keep on repeat!

For more information, Follow MAJOR. on Instagram @NowThatsMAJOR

Take a listen to  MAJOR.’s “The Hope Of My Soul,” and get inspired below.

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