Kiana Lede’ tells Apple Music about sophmore album “Grudges”, embracing growth, and healing


Kiana Ledé Tells Apple Music About Sophomore Album ‘Grudges’, Embracing Growth, And Healing.

Kiana Ledé joins Nadeska Alexis on R&B Now Radio for an intimate conversation about her highly anticipated sophomore studio album, “Grudges.” 

In the interview, Kiana opens up about her transformative journey during the pandemic, focusing on her mental health and personal development. Kiana talks about how her life experiences have informed the music she’s making, and what the process of creating this album was like. Additionally, the pair discuss Kiana meeting the iconic Jennifer Lewis, collaborating with Bryson Tiller, and much more. Make sure to watch the full interview below to learn more about Kiana 

 When asked about the story of the title track “Grudges”  Lede’  shares “So when I had gotten to the session that day, I was really frustrated. I had a lot of resentment towards a lot of people, and shit was just kind of boiling over. And I showed up and I was irritated, frustrated, and I was almost not in a space to write. And I was writing with Sam Hook, and it was a year exactly to the day that he had a heart attack at 31 years old. And he told me that it was because he held a lot of resentment and hurt and frustration in his heart, so it literally attacked him and hurt himself. And we were talking about it, and he was like, “I want you to do something. Open up your notes on your phone, and let’s make a shared note.”

“So we heard the track, and while we were listening to the track, he put a bunch of journal prompts and notes. So I’m literally journaling, and as I’m journaling, he’s reading all the answers. And as he’s reading them, he’s asking more questions over journals, and we were writing the song at the same time from that. And that’s really therapy. That’s really some therapeutic shit in a session. And it was such a beautiful experience. I had never done that. I was crying. It was a whole thing. So then we wrote Grudges and just needing to release it and giving yourself permission to release it, even though it’s really difficult, and you might not do it perfectly every time.”

 Lede speaks on what’s happened with her after her last project, the writing process going into her new album, and opening the album with the singe Bitter Bit*h and more.

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