J. Brown Transcends The Surface Level With New Album “The Art Of Making Love”


Billboard Magazine Chart-Topping R&B singer J Brown delivers his sophomore album “The Art of Making Love” alongside the video release of his new single “My Whole Heart.” The project is a musical experience that transcends the surface level and delves into deeper emotions and connections associated with love. 

Ahead of the sophomore album release, the Detroit native teased fans with the July 7th release of his single ‘1 2 3 Foreplay.’ As a torch bearer of timeless musical values, J. Brown kept the musical runway busy with the July 21st release of ‘Weightless,’ a song that he collaborated on with R&B crooner Kevin Ross. 

 ‘The Art of Making Love ’embodies the artist’s profound belief that making love transcends mere physicality. For J. Brown this means emphasizing the significance of connecting with a person’s mind, cherishing the bond with one’s spouse or significant other, and celebrating love in its myriad of forms throughout every waking moment.

For the release of his latest album, ThisIsRnB caught up with J. Brown to discuss the significance of the album’s title ‘The Art of Making Love,’ details on making the album, and the songs that speak to him the most, 

When asked what the significance of the album’s title J. Brown tells ThisIsRnB.com“The significance of this title was that I wanted to show women, which is my primary audience, that men in general need to not be in so much of a rush to have sex with their woman. We need to make love to her mind throughout the day we are together, and that makes a woman respond to you in a different way when you do get the chance to Make Love to her that evening or maybe even during the day. So I wanted the title to reflect what this album was about. That’s what we set out to create in the studio making an album about Love.” 

As the star geared up for his sophomore release, he didn’t hesitate to share details surrounding the making of his new album, who he’s working with, and how it made him feel. “This album was so amazing to work on this time. I have worked with 2x Grammy Winner Carvin Haggins on my previous project but this time it was different and we all brought our A+ game. When we started this project. We also tapped another Grammy Award winner Camper to round out this project.” 

With a sentimental music video to compliment the theme of his latest single, J. Bown sings his way around an emotionally charged home as he pours out his heart in every room. Whether it’s singing to himself or singing to his significant other – he holds back no feelings or emotions in his quest to win back his lover’s heart and attention. 

I know it ain’t easy/ being in love with me/ so many nights I left you lonely/ crying yourself to sleep/ we ain’t perfect people/ and we’re not pretending to be/ I try through my flaws and scars to show you the best parts of me,” J. Brown sings in the first verse. 

Believe it or not ‘My Whole Heart’ wasn’t my favorite but when we wrote it and I sang this song with so much emotion that I wanted my woman, any woman to know that ‘My Whole Heart’ Belongs to just you. I just wanna be your safe place to teach me how to earn your trust babe. This single has made me make sure that in every way I show a woman that I will do everything to show her how much she means to me,” he tells ThisIsRnB.com. 

When asked about the songs from the album that speak to him the most Brown replied, I could talk about damn near every song on my album because I love them all. They all have special and different meanings to me. But these first five are super special and I believe your readers will love these as much as I do:

Track #7 “If You Could See You” Man, this song will speak to every woman no matter age or demographic color. Every woman even the most beautiful women feel they have flaws or perceived flaws and if that woman could see what I see in her she would never second guess herself twice. Because I see, men see the beauty in our women and they shouldn’t second guess their beauty.”

 Track #5 “Beautiful.”  “This song is just letting my woman know how beautiful she is to me. I said, No other woman has my heart like you. I wanted my audience to feel that this song is coming from their man to them.”

Track #11 “My Whole Heart.”   “This song believe it or not wasn’t my favorite but when we wrote it and i sang this song with so much emotion that I wanted my woman, any woman to know that My Whole Heart Belongs to just you. I just wanna be your safe place teach me how to earn your trust babe this single has made me make sure that in evry way I show a woman that I will do everything to show her how much she means to me.”

 Track #6 “Weightless .” This is one of the first songs I did with my good friend Kevin Ross. It was so fun and refreshing but we wanted to show the woman we are with some fun and I think we did just that in this song.

 Track #3 “123 Fourplay.”  “Love this one right here. A lot of brothers are not doing foreplay with their women and fellas this single shows how to get the mood right with her before we get down to it. Lights Low Candles lit.”

J. Brown has delivered an amazing project with “The Art Of Making Love” and In addition to his five favorites, ThisIsRnB sees track #1 “Making Love,” and track#12 “Do You Recall”  as standouts. Both songs showcase Brown’s beautiful vocals on full display as he gently touches and pulls at the heartstrings with a lyrical cadence.  “The Art Of Making Love” is a definite love vibe and absolutely needs to be added to your favorite mood-setting playlist.

For more information, visit J. Brown on IG @jbrownmusiconly. 

Take a listen to J Brown’s “The Art Of Making Love” below and let us know what you think. Globally available now on all streaming platforms.


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