ThisIsRnb’s  Fresh Finds Fridays column curated by Flisadam Pointer features releases from Mario, Snoh Aalegra, Fridayy, Solomon Headen, JMSN, Ninja Kidsoul, and Aida Lae. Check out this week’s roundup below and don’t forget to let us know who you’re listening to below in the comment section.

Mario – “Main One” feat. Lil Wayne and Tyga

For over a decade, Mario has been a freely roaming bachelor, and he doesn’t plan on slowing up any time soon. In his song, “Main One,” featuring Lil Wayne and Tyga, the singer makes that abundantly clear. 

As he sings, “Yeah, you got horns on your halo / So horny, what an angel / I’m blessed inside my bеd / Girl, you could be honest with mе / You ain’t gotta be toxic with me / You don’t need no other options but me / ‘Cause you might just be my,” Mario’s intentions outlined.

Rappers Lil Wayne and Tyga join in with witty bars about their player ways when encountering groupies. “She said she wanna be my main one / Sunshine when the rain come / Wanna be my ride or die, she wanna ride in lane one / I told her, ‘We could flame one,’” rapped Wayne.

If the song sounds familiar to you, that’s because it is. “Main One,” produced by Mike Crook, Extendo Beats & A1, was originally released following Mario’s standout Verzuz appearance. However, the record initially featured Tory Lanez. 

In what appears to be an executive decision by the singer’s new label, Epic, the currently incarcerated rapper’s verse was scrapped for Lil Wayne and Tyga’s instead for their new partnership. However, for clarity, both versions of the track are still available across streaming platforms. 

Snoh Aalegra – “Be My Summer”

Each season serves a crucial purpose, on Snoh Aalegra’s new single, she outlines the responsibilities of the warmer months. “Be My Summer” marks the singer’s first new song in three years. 

The song, which was produced by Michael Uzowuru, Ari PenSmith, Michael Haldeman, and Rahm Silverglade, ushers in the musician’s lovestruck ethos. Throughout the record, Snoh professed how she’s romantically entangled but is distance has driven a wedge in-between her beau. 

The record’s verse tells it all as she sings, “I tried to run away / There’s no escape, you’ve taken tenure in my heart / I can’t change how I feel / Tried movin’ on, but I’m right here where we left off / Naked walls at my place, where you met me / Now they’re dressed up with my mama’s poetry / You were oceans away but you fell deep / Didn’t you? / I know we both not sure what lies ahead of us.”

While her name may bring further memories of the winter, Snoh Aalegra desperately wants her lover to bring forth the heat. 

Fridayy – “When It Comes To You”

Cheers to the weekend, but more specifically, Fridayy. Silimar, to the day of the week, the cross-genre talent, has the unique ability to spread joy wherever his voice travels. His new single, “When It Comes To You,” co-produced by himself, KVRIM, Kofo, and Aidan Brody, is proof of that.

On the record, Fridayy vows to honor, protect, and reciprocate the love he receives from his partner. Throughout the song’s lyrics, the musician provides several examples of the lengths he’s willing to travel to ensure their bond remains true.

“Pullin’ up fast to you / 223 bust rounds for you / All eyes on me, got me feelin’ like Pac, but I do it all for you / Don’t get caught up in them lies before you know the truth / I’d be down to risk it all if you ask me to / Ain’t playin’ with your heart ’cause that’s too much to lose / You puttin’ up a wall but you ain’t bulletproof / I done got it out the mud, ain’t got nothin’ to prove / Tryna open up your mind and see a clearer view,” sings Fridayy on the song’s second verse.

This theme of romantic tethering is amplified in the single’s official video directed by Dragan Andic and Cale Fara-On. By way of “When It Comes To You,” Fridayy is carrying the torch of his hometown of Philadelphia’s impact on soul music.

Solomon Headen – Love FM

In Hebrew, the name Solomon rough translates to peace. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth as it relates to Raleigh, North Carolina’s next R&B star. Solomon Headen is ready to go head-to-head with whoever or whatever, with anything stopping him from becoming the genre’s top act. 

Solomon’s new EP, Love FM, demonstrates that there’s a bite behind his bark. Prior to its release, R&B lovers were treated to a flurry of singles, including “Lose,” “XIV,” and “T.B.D,” all of which made the project’s final cut. Each track stands out for unique reasons ranging from his ear for contagious projection to his sleek harmonies. However, with the addition of the conceptional elements highlighted by the thoughtful interludes, Solomon is a student of the game.

Across the project’s six songs, Solomon understands how to incorporate the new school and pioneering markers. Although the previously released singles are tremendous examples of the recording artist’s talent, speaking frankly, “4 AM,” is the golden child. 

The South has something to say, and if you’re curious to know exactly what that is, start with Solomon Headen’s Love FM

JMSN – “Love Me”

Acceptance is one hell of a drug. That’s a high JMSN manages with ease. On his new single, “Love Me,”  JMSN centers the sense of belonging as its inspiration. The track written, produced, and arranged by the musician is a complete contrast to his last release, “Cherry Pop.”

While “Cherry Pop,” which was shared back in May, draws on indie rock elements, “Love Me” is JMSN’s return to R&B. With additional instrumentation by bassist Yuki Hayashi and pianist Aaron Provisor, JMSN uses the musicality as a compliment to the vocal layering that dominates that track. 

As JMSN somberly sings, “Mama love me, Papa love me / Brother love me, Sister love me / And all the rest of my family that always wants to just judge me / Save a little bit of your energy / ‘Cause a little bit of love is what I need / Judas, yeah, Jesus / Accept me in the gates of heaven / Influence, yeah, creedence,” the backing choir (lead by Kesha Shantrell) comes in to add reassuring warmth.

From singing, writing, and producing to playing the highlighted instruments, “Love Me” is a potent look at what JMSN is fully capable of.

Ninja Kidsoul – “Face 2 Face”

Ninja Kidsoul has taken the German music world by storm. At the forefront of the country’s Neo-soul movement, Ninja has pulled from American and German music history to forge a sound of his own. His new single, “Face 2 Face,” is the limitless final product of the exploration. 

The track, produced by Agajon, is the follow-up to Ninja’s song “Reckless,” which dropped in June. Rap, R&B, and free jazz are the sonic melting pot for “Face 2 Face,” as Ninja peels back the root cause of self-consciousness. 

When he sings, “Some people wanna see you fail / So they stare, but we stare back / Like oh well, oh well, oh well,” Ninja speaks to how others allow outside opinions to weigh them down. 

In a statement, the entertainer spoke about the inspiration being the track, saying, “[Face 2 Face] serves a playful take on existential anxiety with lyrics contemplating success, failure, and materialism.”

Aida Lae – “Flexin”

Aida Lae’s musical journey started a coping mechanism to deal with crushing anxiety. Now the London-based singer is “Flexin” her talent around the world. Her new single, produced by JP Beatz, is a whimsical display of Aida’s airy vocal abilities.  

As the musician runs through the list of traits that her ideal partner possesses, you quickly find yourself lost in the record’s sway while Aida gently guides you between notes. All of the technical components of “Flexing” are hypnotic, with Aida’s mesmerizing voice being the most enticing.    

After the overwhelming support, the singer took to Instagram to share a sweet note with fans. “Thank you for showing me so much love. My second single in this independent game is now out on every platform, and a year ago, I would’ve never thought my songs would land all these playlists in one day. Forever grateful,” penned Aida Lae. 



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