Warner Records’ rising star ASTN releases new single “On Schedule”


Warner Records’ rising start ASTN has been pushing boundaries with his soulful vocals and demonstrates his ability to work across genres in a way that doesn’t feel forced. He has quickly gained recognition in the music industry as a talented singer, songwriter, and producer.

His latest release “On Schedule” sparks the fuse for what is shaping up to be a banner breakout year for ASTN as the second hint of new music from his forthcoming EP, “Where Do We Go From Here?” set to release July 14th.

ASTN blends his signature vocal harmonies with r&b and pop to produce a unique vibe ripe with gravitating emotion and affection on ‘On Schedule’ boasting lyrics like “Never fails, you are always right on schedule” that hit the mark

Speaking about the track, ASTN explains, “‘On Schedule’ is all about having that person that always seems to walk into your life at the right time. That person that’s exactly what you’re needing at that very moment. That person that can do no wrong.” 

For more on ASTN follow him on IG here.  Take a listen to ASTN’s “On Schedule” below.

Inspired by timeliness, ASTN builds on the momentum of his UPROXX Sessions-approved performance of “How Soon” last month (watch HERE) with a new song that’s upbeat and entrancing. Not to mention, a few weeks back, he recruited emerging songbird Alex Vaughn for a soulful remix to his aforementioned score.




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