Exclusive Interview: Ne-Yo Discusses Jay-Z, Champagne and Roses Tour + More


Multi-Award-Winning phenomenal singer, songwriter, dancer, actor, producer, and icon Ne-Yo headlined a sold-out crowd at The TD Pavilion at the Mann in Philadelphia, PA this past weekend.

The Champagne and Roses Tour is more than a concert, it is an electrifying moving experience. It’s a display of showmanship and musicality at its finest. 

From Ne-Yo’s signature classic-man-fashions to the glaring lights on set, expertly choreographed dance routines, and sizzling performances, Ne-Yo put his thing down keeping the crowd on their feet and immersed in the ambiance of the show.  

Despite heavy rain and flooding, Ne-Yo kept the energy on fire, and he did not disappoint one bit.

Special guest artists performed as well. Pleasure P dubbed by some, as the new bad boy of R&B, killed it, and thoroughly entertained. Mario was up next, performing dance moves with a vocal delivery that served it up hot for the crowd.

With some of Philly’s heavy hitters gracing the stage; Peedi Peedi and Freeway, they put on for their city and rocked the house.

Ahead of the show, ThisIsRnB’s host Kadeja and Qyiana had a chance to sit down with Ne-Yo to talk about the tour, future projects, and previous works of art. Ne-Yo shared the deeper meanings behind some of his songs, explanations of why they were written, and favorite songs from his extensive catalog. During the interview, Ne-Yo shared the advice he received from Jay-Z, and he gave mad props to the women in R&B who are killing it right now, helping to keep R&B relevant. 

After our interview, Ne-Yo went out on that stage in true gentleman fashion and smashed it! Of course, we didn’t expect anything less, and the crowd of this sold-out show was here for it! The fans were so excited, as rousing energy could be felt throughout the venue. 

During the concert, Ne-Yo showed off his vast #1 hits which had the crowd singing along and vibing out to each and every song. He also pulled out a few songs he wrote for other artists such as Beyoncé & Rihanna to name a few. 

Although the show started off with the venue having a few technical glitches and torrential rain, the crowd waited patiently and even chanted Ne-Yo’s name a few times. Once the lights came back up and the crowd heard the first sounds of his beautiful voice, it was on and poppin again. Hit after hit, banger after banger, Ne-Yo totally brought down the house and “rain”  in Philly. He truly reigned supreme!

Georgia, Florida, Texas, and California get ready, The Champagne and Rose Tour is headed your way, and you can definitely expect one hell of a show! Get your tickets now. If it’s not in your city, find the closest city and grab your tickets! This is one you don’t want to miss! 

For now, watch our Exclusive backstage highly-entertaining interview with Ne-Yo below.  

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