Rising Artist Nana Elan Shares Promising Debut EP “Escaping The West”


Step into the vibrant world of Nana Elan a talented artist born and raised in the heart of Long Beach, CA. Nana Elan just dropped her highly-anticipated EP, “Escaping The West,” and it’s making waves in the music scene. This release isn’t just another project for this rising star; it’s a musical journey that’s bound to grab your attention and hit you right in the feels.

Nana Elan’s stage name is pretty cool because it’s a mix of her real name, Naliyah, and her middle name, Elan, giving off a vibe that fits her unique style. Her music is a blend of youthful energy, raw power, and a hint of maturity. Her vocal range is seriously impressive, going from mezzo-soprano to bass, and she effortlessly navigates through the worlds of R&B, Hip-hop, and Pop. She’s all about bringing dynamic creativity to the table.

At the core of Nana Elan’s artistic journey is a deep love for music. She says, “Creating music allows me to exhibit my soul’s groove, spirit, emotion, and perspective,” she reveals. “It’s my personal flashlight guiding me through life’s tunnel, always inspiring me to keep moving forward.”

This EP is deeply personal for Nana Elan. She credits her grandpa, who nurtured her singing talent, as her inspiration. And Rihanna, with her fusion of music and fashion, ignited Nana Elan’s passion from a young age, setting her on the path to greatness.

‘Escaping The West,’ which dropped on August 22, 2023, is more than just a bunch of songs. It’s a musical journey. The EP skillfully blends Nana Elan’s unique style, mixing a sexy tomboy vibe with her effortlessly elegant personality. It’s a musical story of growth, ambition, and breaking free from the West Coast sound.

In Nana Elan’s words, “This 7-song piece is a reflection of my journey through fun, tough times, sanity, and love. Each track flows smoothly, taking you from one place to the next, making you want to groove, party, and fall in love. Every song carries a sense of confidence, high standards, and a mix of irresistible charm and raw energy.”

With ‘Escaping The West,’ Nana Elan sends a powerful message to her fans, urging them to embrace every side of themselves and to break free from their comfort zones.

Listen to ‘Escaping The West’ below.

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