Indie Artist Bodhi “Hard Knock Life” single is a real chill pill


Non-Binary Indie artist Bodhi taps into the music scene hard with a chilled-out new single “Hard Knock Life.”

Bodhi’s new single “Hard Knock Life” showcases the artist’s melodic and vocal strength as the story of keeping calm and carrying on through whatever life can think to throw at you. Championing perseverance and mental fortitude, “Hard Knock Life” is a perfect track to put on when you need to concentrate, relax, or clear your head.

BODHI’s recent single “Stronghold” was commissioned by The General Insurance for a massive advertising campaign targeting Gen Z mainly through TikTok. The multi-million-dollar campaign will span an entire year, using Bodhi’s likeness, social content, and this single to promote the brand on TikTok with home page ads and other video ads.

Bodhi’s ” Hard Knock Life” might just be the perfect song to help you de-stress and unwind. It’s a chill-pill for your ears and mind.

Take a listen to “Hard Knock Life” below.

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