After months of anticipation, The Color Purple, starring Fantasia, Ciara, and Halle Bailey, has finally hit theaters across the country. Unsurprisingly, the generational classic performed well during the opening weekend. In fact, the musical adaptation brought in $18 Million at the box office, making it the second-biggest Christmas opening in history.   

The ​​2023 Kennedy Center Honors ceremony also hit the airwaves. The iconic music star Dionne Warwick was amongst the list of those being celebrated. Gladys Knight, Cynthia Erivo, and Chlöe performed covers of the Grammy Award-winning singer’s biggest hits, including “Walk On By” and “Say A Little Prayer.”

So, what new music dropped? This Fresh Finds Fridays column features releases from the Dixson, Summer Walker, Vedo, Rotimi, MiLES, and WanMor. Check out this week’s roundup below. Don’t forget to let us know who you’re listening to in the comment section below.

Dixson – Lovers & Friends

Last month, Dixson teased that he’s locked, loaded, and ready to go. “I’m so hyped right now. We got a lot in the chamber,” wrote the musician on Instagram. Well, Dixson wasn’t lying. Following the release of his single, “Lovers,” Dixson has dropped an EP to show off how his pen has stretched over the years.

Although Lovers & Friends doesn’t include new music, the repackaging of 2021’s “Yours” with India Shawn, “Every Little Piece Of My Heart,” and “Kream” is still a beautiful music blend worth diving into.  As fans think back on what they’ve accomplished, Dixson’s Lovers & Friends EP does the same for the accomplished songwriter. 

2024 is gearing up to be yet another strong showing of R&B works, and based on what Dixon has teased online, he’s going to be at the forefront of those hot new releases.

Summer Walker – “Drown In My Love”

Summer Walker has been vocal about her and the art she created being underappreciated by mainstream entities. However, following the overwhelming show of support from fans, followed by her first solo Grammy nomination, she is in an era of gratitude. To honor that feeling, Summer Walker surprised supporters with a new song, “Drown In My Love.”

In the official video co-starring Foggieraw, the pair displays the healing powers of being loved on properly. “Don’t touch me there, I’m not ready / I’m sorry but my heart’s too heavy / You’re starin’ me right in my face / Hopin’ and prayin’ it ain’t too late / But that ain’t a risk I’m willin’ to take / Leave me in peace all alone / I rather wallow / Don’t take me up out my sorrows / I need to feel it, I need to feel it / So I can heal it, baby,” sings Summer.

In a simple note posted on her official Instagram page, Summer revealed that the teaser track was birthed to experience her devotion to the genre. “For the love of art,” penned the singer. 

“Drown In My Love” is Summer Walker’s first solo release since the Grammy-nominated EP Clear 2: Soft Life.

Vedo & Rotimi – “No Worries”

Vedo’s year has been filled with notable collaborations, including Chris Brown, Lecrae, Tink, and Reason. Before the year ends, he has one more musical link-up to share with fans. His latest single, “No Worries,” alongside Rotimi, was the icing on the R&B cake. The record, co-produced by Gabriel Lambirth and OGTha3, “No Worries,” is a fresh breeze away from holiday music. Both singers crafted a smooth blend of R&B and soca to help listeners dance into the new year. 

“Hands on me body / I want to feel your touch / But I don’t wanna rush / Your private, party / Watching you undressed yourself girl express yourself go slow / Can I see you / Dance in the mirror so you can see it clearer baby / POV right here / Good energy, chemistry got us singing like,” sings Vedo.

“No Worries” is the reassurance you need going into 2024.

MiLES. – “Baby Blue”

From contemporary to trap and everything in between, the year has been filled with dominating showings by R&B acts. Atlanta native MiLES has made headway in the alternative subdivision. His latest single, “Baby Blue,” is yet another showing of just how experimental his work is.

With a mix of electronic, jazz, and R&B, “Baby Blue” is a psychedelic view of hypnotizing infatuation. “Oh baby blue, I’m stuck here staring at your vibrant hue / I’ll ask your name, you’ll say it’s deja vu / Have we been here before? / And if it’s all the same to you / I’d rather not leave your side / I’m not too, too proud to do away with my pride,” sings MiLES.

“Baby Blue” is MiLES’ follow-up to his record “Running In A Circle.”

WanMor – “Please Don’t Go”

Whether you call it nepotism or an ancestral inheritance, WanMor’s (Big Boy, Chulo, Tyvas, and Rocco) music career looks promising. Not only has the budding boy group earned the co-sign from Mary J. Blige via her signing of them to her record label Beautiful Life Productions, but they also have the training of their dad, legendary singer Wanyá Morris (of Boyz II Men). 

The group’s latest single, “Please Don’t Go,” honors their father’s music roots. As a cover of Boyz II Men’s 1991 song by the same name, WanMor confidently carries the torch of those who have come before them. From their buttery harmonies and crystal clear vocals, WanMor is an act the R&B community should be on the lookout for in 2024.

In a note shared on their official Instagram, WanMor penned a note for the iconic act. “Thank you, Boyz II Men, for creating great music, and special thanks to Uncle Nate for writing this legendary song,” wrote the group.

“Please Don’t Go” is a follow-up to their previous single, “This Holiday.”


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