Exclusive: ThisIsRnB Live Intimate Experience With Kevin Ross


January 19, 2024, marked an epic night full of goose-bump-raising, soul-stirring singing, and creative artistry. It was the Kevin Ross Experience on full display at our exclusive Intimate Live!

Three lucky fans were treated to the ultimate opportunity to be up close and personal with the phenomenal showman in a live studio session.  Throughout the session, Ross flawlessly performed hit songs from his impressive music catalouge, along with a medley of mashups, which included Usher, Donnie Hathaway, and more. Ross kept the crowd captivated.

Ross certainly didn’t disappoint by creating the ambiance and setting the tone for a magical night of musical intimacy. From the talented musicians accompanying Ross, to the dim lights, to the strawberries, chocolates, champagne, and sparkling cider, the mood was set for a fantastic night.

The Live was interspersed with questions to Ross on his decision to leave his former label and create his own. He shared the inspiration behind his single “Sweet Release”, the need to listen, be faithful, be still, and be obedient while pursuing his passion and trusting GOD in the process.

 During the Q&A with fans, Ross willingly opened up and imparted his wisdom and perspective on a variety of topics.  No question was too big, small, or off-limits. His enduring fans posed some weighty questions, which Ross accommodated enthusiastically. 

Ross stands out more than just his music,  it’s his style, his wisdom, his quiet confidence, his infectious laugh, his authenticity, his vulnerability, it’s his presence, his humility, and his willingness to connect with the fans, that contribute to why we admire him so much.

As a capstone to the night, Ross spent time with every fan, and posed for pictures, as he sipped sparkling cider. Although the fans enjoyed strawberries with their champagne, this meet and greet was the cherry on top! It was truly a memorable magical night for all. 

To capture the entire essence and intimacy of our Kevin Ross Live Intimate Experience, get comfy, curl up with that special someone, and enjoy the full session below. And be sure to keep up with Kevin Ross at www.kevinrossmusic.com and on socials @kevinrossmusic. 


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