Jhené Aiko and Kehlani release Sleep Soul Volume 4.


R&B/soul artists, singer-songwriters, and mothers Jhene Aiko and Kehlani release the anxiously awaited new project “Sleep Soul Relaxing R&B Baby Sleep Music Vol.4”, a compilation of relaxing, R&B lullabies for babies and parents.

‘Sleep Soul’, is a fresh R&B-inspired take on the traditional baby sleep music genre. “Sleep Soul Volume 4” is curated by R&B superstars and mothers Jhené and Kehlani, marking Kehlani’s first Sleep Soul release and Jhené’s fifth.

The project consists of twenty sleep-inducing tracks to help babies and parents get a restful night’s sleep.  Although “Sleep Soul’s” focus is on helping babies and their parents,  anyone can benefit from these calming melodies and sounds similarly experienced within the Yoga and Mindfulness spaces. It is the perfect solution to help you release, relax, unwind, and find Zen.

“Sleep Soul is not just an aid for the Littles, but a powerful tool for the Moms as well. Rest and restoration is key” said Kehlani.

 Jhené commented, “Sleep Soul has been a soothing tool in helping children and their parents get much-needed rest in their day-to-day lives. Wellness is essential for all to show up and support our loved ones in life.” 

In March 2022, Aiko released Sleep Soul Volume 1. and partnered with  ‘Calm’ an app for sleep and meditation. “Sleep Soul Relaxing R&B Baby Sleep Music Vol.2 went live that same year on Dec. 15.

The new project arrives following Sleep Soul: The Premium Sleep Collection (Presented by Jhené Aiko). Consisting of 40 tracks, the latter creatively combined the fan-favorites Sleep Soul Volume 1 and Sleep Soul Volume 2. Among many highlights, “Cozy Lullaby for Newborns” soared with 1.3 million Spotify streams alone.

Take a listen to  Jhene’ and Kehlani’s “Sleep Soul Relaxing R&B Baby Music Vol. 4” below 

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