Elijah Blake releases new single “Ghostbuster” + premieres accompanying video on BET Soul


Grammy-winning singer and songwriter Elijah Blake releases new single “Ghostbuster” and premieres the official accompanying video on BET Soul today, March 15.

There are times when memories haunt you with painful thoughts that burn hard in your heart, causing pain, and anguish to short-circuit within your mind. “Ghostbuster” accomplishes exactly that.

Blake shows off his signature vocals with beautiful melodies, rhymes, and reasons as the melody lingers in your mind. Even though the song contains a sad message, it has soft sentiments that touch deeply. 

Blake delivers a great message within the song.  It’s a tale of a forgone love but not forgotten as he seeks a way forward. “Ghostbuster” speaks to this notion that no matter how hard one tries to replace a lost love,  it just isn’t that easy to forget.

In the video, Blake struggles to figure out how to get his past love out of his mind and system as he is desperately pursued by her ghost everywhere as he sings in the hook,

“…can’t get you out of my head/out of brain/ chasing after love that I know has been dead/you’re just a ghost of my past /that keeps coming back/but never comes back…”

He’s aggravated in his mind over losing her which sometimes doesn’t have anyone to blame, it’s just simply that the candle gets blown out.  He’s left with a blank tapestry of a past relationship and memories that haunt and linger on relentlessly.

Visually, Blake has done an excellent job delivering a compelling and believable relatable performance.

“Ghostbuster” is an add-to-top-of playlist song and keep it on repeat!

Check out Elijah Blake’s official “Ghostbuster” video here and listen to the song below.

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