JUNO Award-nominated Zenesoul released “KEOTR,” first single for 2024


 JUNO Award-nominated R&B singer and songwriter Zenesoul has released her first single for 2024, “KEOTR,” a fusion of R&B and Afrobeats that talks about not losing yourself, despite the cruel world we live in.

“KEOTR’” is Zenesoul’s first release since her 2023 EP series, “Fantasy.” “KEOTR,” stands for keep eye on the road.

The track, which was written and composed by Zenesoul herself, could also be classified as alternative R&B- the guitar gives it this feel. The Canadian singer shows her Nigerian roots in the track with the Afrobeats vibes of the bouncing beat of the drums.

The video contributes to Zenesoul’s African heritage as well. Shot in Lagos, Nigeria, Zenesoul is dancing in the desert and visiting various parts of Lago, showcasing the people of the nation. 

The uplifting track encourages Zenesoul and others to keep going and stay true to themselves when others tend to do the very opposite, especially in relationships. 

The second verse says “Every man/For themselves/Ghetto cities/Toxic air/No one knows/Anything/Just run your race/And pray to God.”

In the hook, Zenesoul goes even further with the message. “Keep eye on the road/If you fall get up/Story still untold/Don’t let this world/Destroy your soul.”

The track is a breath of fresh air with the catchy, beat and the positive lyrics that are very much needed in today’s society.

Speaking further about the inspiration behind ‘KEOTR’, Zenesoul says, “This song is inspired by me wanting to create something uplifting despite the toxic energy that I feel is outside when it comes to the dating world. It’s a reminder to myself and others to keep being a good person and to continue to love regardless of it all,” Zenesoul said in a press release.

“Everything may be falling apart but keep an eye on the road and maintain who you are.” 

Zenesoul said the video was one of her favorite videos.

“Everything came together beautifully!” she said. “The inspiration for the video was to show a strong African woman who will not lose herself and I believe this video captured that perfectly.

Zenesoul recently performed two sold-out Candlelight Concerts in Toronto to celebrate Valentine’s Day and her first headline concert in Atlanta for Black History Month.

The R&B/Neo Soul artist began her musical journey at the tender age of 11. She released her debut EP Worth in 2019, and has since been delivering exciting forward-thinking R&B music, including  “Love And Be Loved,” the viral track “Wasteman,” and the Afrobeats-infused “Is It Love”, showcasing her versatility and growth.

With five critically acclaimed EPs now under her belt, including her seminal lockdown project “Coffee” and 2021’s “Brown Sugar, Zenesoul’s career has been marked by significant milestones, including garnering over five million streams, as well as strong support from Apple Music, Spotify, and Amazon Music.

Check out the video for “KEOTR” by Zenesoul below.

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